It is Official: John to Race for Stevenson Motorsports in 2012 !

John, keeping his young fans happy with autographs !"Speaking with, Mike Johnson confirmed one of the sport’s worst-kept secrets in that open-wheel turned sportscar sensation John Edwards will join Robin Liddell at the wheel of the team’s No. 57 Camaro GT.R for next year". 

John will be replacing the 2011 seat shared by Corvette factory driver Jan Magnussen and fellow Dane Ronnie Bremer.  Mike Johnson, excited about the upcoming 2012 season, commented about John, “Even though he won Lime Rock, I didn’t know who he was or anything about him.  He called me up at the end of the year and I Googled him, learned some stuff about him and put him in the car for five laps at the winter Homestead test in the GS car, which at the time was the only seat we could offer him. He was a rock star right away. That’s something we’ve always liked about him.   I think he and Robin are going to be a pretty interesting asset for each other next year.”

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