John goes Cycling in Vermont with Mike Zimicki

Racing drivers must be fit.  Physical endurance, baseline strength, and cardiovascular performance, and the right state of mind are all prerequisite to quick lap times. Training is required every day.  Even the day after a hard fought win the training goes on.  And most times it is not that fun.  But cycling with the driver coach Mike Zimicki in Vermont is about as good as it gets.  For those of you outside the racing world, "who is Mike Zimicki?" 

"I think that everyone naturally understands that talent can only get someone so far, but the truth is that nobody appreciates the effort it takes studying the data, training away from the track, and working with all of the people involved to truly make a team run properly and achieve its ultimate success. I think that what Mike Zimicki taught me truly is what made me understand the effort that racing takes to be at the top level and to compete. I always felt that the talent comes easy for most people because its natural, but the other half is what you need someone like Mike Zimicki for."  Graham Rahal

"Nick Harvey and Michael Zimicki were two of the biggest influences on me in 2009, a year that ended with us claiming the Atlantic Championship. Aside from winning this year, they gave me the tools I need to help me move up the ranks. Thanks to Nick and Z for guiding me through the season!"  John Edwards

Great friend, great setting, and great cycling make the workout enjoyable. It is a nice time to reflect on the first Grand Am GT win, and to get ready for the next race this weekend at Watkins Glen, a 6 hour endurance race.  We will keep you updated.  Thanks for your interest.