John and Team Finish P9 in the Miami Grand Prix after Tire Puncture

John had a good race start and a strong first stint.  He ran P3 for most of the session falling to P4 just before the first pit stop.  Adam took over but early in his stint, as he said, "suddenly, three-quarters of the way through the corner, I heard a bit of a bang and the steering wheel went an extra few degrees on me and realized something wasn’t right. All of a sudden, it started drifting towards the wall. I luckily managed to keep it off the wall and going down the next stretch, I had confirmation that it was a blow out. I attempted to make it around the first corner but ended up just taking the escape road around the oval. Luckily being on the oval, I managed to use the oval portion of track and make it into the pits".

Overall, it was a good learning experience.  The team and drivers are getting the needed experience to become compeititive and win races.  The pace early on in the race and the P3 qualifying result all speak to good days ahead.  We will keep you posted. In the mean time check out the summary -