"On New Year's Eve we Toast 2009 - Another Great Racing Year!"

John Celebrates a Dominant Victory at Chicago Autobahn !There is no time like New Year's Eve for a time of reflection.  The racing year 2009 was incredible for Edwards Motorsports and John Edwards.  Perhaps, at this time of merriment and celebration, it is appropriate to quote Tony DiZinno - 

              "John Edwards is still three years away from legally being able to drink champagne on the podium.  A pity then because he spends so much time there ! "

Yes,  2009 was that kind of year, with 9 trips to the podium to drink and spray the bubbly.   This is the year for which we now raise a glass to toast and celebrate.  This week, writing for Motorsport. com , Tony chronicles John's racing career and the highlights of the 2009 Atlantic Championship.  We hope you enjoy his story.  (Click here to read Tony's story).

John is proudly sponsored by Mazda.

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