Plans for this 2008

This is one of those times where you look for opportunities and take what comes. I had a good test with Newman Wachs and I am grateful for the opportunity. They are a really good group and I enjoyed getting to know the team. There are some sponsorship issues and for now the chance to drive for them is on hold - we'll see if that changes. In the meantime I have been contacted with regard to driving for a competitive Star Mazda team but once again, I do not yet know if that will come to fruition.

From a career perspective, and considering my age, it is true that "time is on my side". But a driver wants to drive every season, and every chance you get. In the meantime I have been working hard to complete as much of my education as possible, working out to stay fit, and putting in laps at the Cincinnati Motorsports Country Club (our local karting track).

I'll be in touch as things evolve. I am grateful to all for your interest, encouragement, and support. John